Sell Your Retro Video Games
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Best Places to Sell Video Games

Looking to make a couple extra bucks selling your games. There are a bunch of different places where you can sell your games online and off.

Quicker, Faster, & Less Money

Gamestop, Best Buy, & Pawn Stores

Do you want to get rid of your games but have no concern what you’ll receive in return? Go to Gamestop, Best Buy, or a pawn store. These places exist to make a profit so you won’t get much for what you’re selling. This is the route to go if you want to get rid of your games quickly. Just make sure you have a valid ID and the games are open otherwise you won’t be able to sell your games to them. The reason for this is that that want to make sure the games weren’t stolen. Removing the plastic wrap is one way Gamestop covers themselves.

With major chains like Gamestop and Best Buy, follow forums like Cheap Ass Gamer. They’ll let you know ahead of time when trade-in bonuses are offered so you get the most money (or store credit) for your games. Also avoid selling to either of these stores when a major sale is going on as they’ll lower the prices they’ll be offering you for your games.

Remove the Middle Man

IRL Selling at Garage Sales & Flea Markets

Setting up your own garage sale or getting a booth at a flea market can be a great way to sell your video games. The benefit with selling at home or at a flea market is that you’ll be able to sell other items from your house as well. So if you’re cleaning out all of those old boxes around the house filled with junk this would be a quick way to try to make a few bucks.

If you go with the flea market route, your booth will cost some money for the day. The benefit is that you’ll have higher foot traffic than if you would if you were selling at your house. The problem with either of these methods is that there will be plenty of people trying to low ball you.

Pro-tip: If you’re throwing a garage sale, make sure your signs are big enough as well as the address. Toss some additional signage up with arrows when get closer. No one knows where you live nor are they going to pull aside and stop to get an address. Everyone is going 25-45 MPH so make sure the important information is readable at 50 feet.

Online Selling with Social

This includes the Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, Offerup, Letgo, and even Instagram. Find your local community sales group and post pictures with the price. I always found Craigslist to be saturated by people asking unrealistic prices because so many people want to haggle so keep that in mind when you post. If you don’t want to haggle, put *firm* next to your price. With that in mind, don’t ask for top dollar. People have the internet and know what your games are worth. An outrageous price will get an outrageous low ball offer from me.

If you have a list of items, mark it as a dollar with the prices inside your post. I can’t tell you how many times I click on an listing with multiple games that says $5 and when I open it up that’s the lowest price for one game.

Also avoid spamming your items on these services. This is one sure fire way to get people to troll you with fake offers and other headaches. One post a week is plenty, trust me. I know when people can’t sell their items.

Pro-tip: When meeting up to sell items, there is no shame at meeting up at a local police station. Many of them will have spaces dedicated to internet sales. They’re well lit and video monitored.

Ebay & Amazon

These are great sites to sell your games without having to go outside and deal with people. Just take some good pictures and toss it up on their marketplace. You can see what your item sold for so you’re not going on what other people are selling their items are for.

With Ebay, you can either set up an auction or a buy it now price. I’d recommend setting up an auction if you multiple items or if the game you’re selling is rare. You’ll get a higher price for it. Buy it now is great for single items that you know the fair market value of. Have something of interest and it will go fast. Trying to sell a sports game and you might have to lower the price significantly.

On Amazon Marketplace, you’ll be able to see what the lowest price other vendors are selling it for. Great if you want to undercut them in hopes for a quick sell. A penny or two difference can make a world of difference between selling an item quickly and having it sit on your shelf for a couple of weeks.

Ship It Online

Cash for Gamers, Decluttr, and Second Spin are all websites perfect for those who just want to stay inside and not talk to anyone. While I have personally not used these three sites, I’ve had friends that used them. Just type in upc code, scan the barcode, or manually enter the games yourself. These sites will give you an offer of them and all you have to do is ship it to them.

I hope these tips help you when you’re selling your games. If you have any places that you sell your games that aren’t on the list, I’d love to hear them in the comments below!

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