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Best Super Nintendo Games Under $10


Price: $9-10

Fast paced futuristic racing from this killer first party Nintendo title. Play as one of four racers across a lot of fast paced and challenging tracks. Showcasing Mode 7 graphics, it was definitely eye catching. It also hosts one of my favorite soundtracks on the Super Nintendo. I recommend Mute City, Big Blue, and Port City.

Zoom Zoom Zoom


Price: $9-10

Bubsy is one of the embodiment of 90s attitude. Aliens have landed and stole all of the yarn so it’s up to Bubsy, the wisecracking cat to save the day. It’s a fun platformer that I recommend picking up, just stay away from the sequels. Other people must have liked this game so much that there was even a re-release with updated 3D graphics that came out in 2017.

Grandma's Favorite Game

Mortal Kombat 1, 2, and 3

Price: $9-10

Get over here! If you haven’t played any of these iconic fighters then you’re missing out. If you are not familiar with this series then get ready for some of the most violent games on the console. If you can only pick one, I’d go with Mortal Kombat 3 based on the roster and additional finishers.

Wizard of Oz Forest Sure Did Change

Gradius III

Price: $9-10

The third entry in this side-scrolling space shooter. It’s considerably more difficult than than the other entries in the series so make sure you’re prepared for the challenge. Don’t worry if you’re not as the American version has a reduced difficulty.

Fire Fire Ever where and Not a Drop to OH GOD IT BURNS

Arkanoid Doh It Again

Price: $9-10

An arcade classic comes out on the home console. Playing similar to Breakout, you’re a spaceship that has to destroy all of the blocks and enemies on a stage by bouncing a ball off of them. Some of them have power ups like multi-ball, magnet power, and laser beams. Great fun to play by yourself or with a friend.

Easter Island is Scary

The Lion King

Price: $9-10

Another solid Disney platformer at an affordable price. Play as Simba as you grow up in Africa learning life lessons and face off against the evil Scar who killed your father. While a lot people had trouble with the watering hole level, it’s not that bad as long as you pay attention to the prompts.

The Arrows Represent How Many Times You Hit the Jump Button

Killer Instinct

Price: $9-10

One of the classic Rare fighters. Brutally difficult if you make a mistake but very satisfying when you pull off combos on your opponent. Be warned the graphics do not hold up very well but the soundtrack has that classic 90s sound.

Ultimate combo breaker

Kirby Avalanche

Price: $9-10

Have you played Puyo Pop Fever? Kirby’s Avalanche is the localization to this Japanese series. Match 4 or more of the same color to make them disappear. Plan some combos to attack your opponent. Once you get the hang of stringing together combos it gets very satisfying to wallop your competitors.

Puyo Pop Kirby

Krusty’s Super Fun House

Price: $9-10

This is a unique puzzle game where rats have taken over one of Krusty’s wonderful business establishments. Similar to Lemmings, you modify the level to get the rats to the end of the level.

Never Meet Your Idols

Fatal Fury 1 & 2

Price: $9-10

An arcade port from NEO-GEO. It’s a good fighting game series that’s off the beaten path of other fighters on the console. Smooth and satisfying when perform combos. Give it a shot if you’re tired of the same ol’ fighters you’re used to playing.

Mai Flippin a Fat Boy

Yoshi’s Cookie

Price: $9-10

One of the many games Nintendo re-released with updated graphics. In this puzzle game your goal is to arrange the cookies in a straight line to make them disappear. Make them all disappear and you’ll clear the level. There is also a versus mode for those who want to compete with a friend.

Mmmm Cookie

Super Star Wars Series

Price: $9-10

The Super Star Wars trilogy is a platforming series featuring all of your favorite Star Wars characters. It will take a lot of practice as these games are old school difficult.

I don't remember Kalaar in Star Wars

Tiny Toons Adventures Buster Busts Loose

Price: $8-9

There was something about Konami back in the day where they made killer platformers and the Tiny Toon series was no exception. You’re playing as Buster Bunny who is trying to stop Montana Max from brainwashing his friends. It’s a great platformer that not many people talk about.

Watch Dizzy Spin Spin Spin


Price: $8-9

Take to the sky as you earn your pilot’s license. Fly a plane, hang glide, parachute, or fly around in a jet pack. Get a high enough score on some levels and play some unique bonus games like the penguin diving game. Simple and fun. Make sure you look up the codes in order to play the helicopter shooting game. It’s loads of fun.

Hangglinding in Pilotwings

Ms. Pac-Man

Price: $8-9

It’s Pac-Man with a bow. Navigate through the level collecting all of the dots while avoiding ghosts. A popular arcade classic available on your home console.

The start of something yummy

Aero The Acro-Bat

Price: $7-8

You play as Aero, an acrobat who is also a bat, get it? The game is a basic platformer where you must navigate the level and collect al of the A’s.

Circus Bat with an Act

Jurassic Park

Price: $6-8

Based off the hit movie, you’re in charge of finding dinosaur eggs around the park. The game is unique in that it’s an overhead adventure game until you have to go into a building, then it turns into a first person shooter with raptors trying to eat you.

We are Going Back to the Island

Revolution X

Price: $5-6

Do you like Aerosmith? Do you like shooters where you save hot women in bikinis? Say yes to both of these and you have Revolution X. Armed with CDs, you’re in charge of taking down a terrorist organization whose plan is to kidnap women for some reason. A fun game as long as you don’t take it too seriously.

The Rabbit Done Died

Prices Updated January 2018

Prices are from Price Charting which is an average of various online prices such as sold eBay listings and Amazon. If you think I’m missing a game from this list, please contact me.

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