• Yakuza 0 Cinema
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    Yakuza 0 Drinking Game Rules

    The Yakuza series is a love child between Grand Theft Auto and a Japanese beat-em-up. Add in quirky side missions and colorful characters and you just turned this average game into something memorable. Settle your problems with your fists with these drinking game rules.

  • Hotline Miami gameplay
    Drinking Games

    Hotline Miami Drinking Game Rules

    Ready for some ultra violence? Growing up in the 90s and big video game violence scare, I can tell you that this is pretty tame. Or maybe I’m just desensitized to pixelated blood and gore. It’s fine though because sprites aren’t people and I hope we all know the difference between right and wrong. So answer the call with one hand and a drink in the other.

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    8 Tips for Designing a Great Arcade Room

    Trying to bring life to your basement or a spare room? Many people, like myself, are converting an area of their home into an dedicated arcade. They’re great for parties and great way to relax after a long day’s work. Here are my tips for creating an arcade room you can be proud of. Consider Unconventional Arcade Options Don’t be afraid to go the unconventional route when it comes to planning your arcade area. We can’t all have the arcade room of our dreams with multiple cabinets and a dozen pinball machines. Not only is this really expensive but there are area constraints that need to be considered. Now, traditional…