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Mario Party Drinking Games

Alt Title Screen Mario Party
Mario Party is a great game to test your friendship. Might as well add booze to the equation. There are many different ways I’ve incorporated drinking into Mario Party over the years. Here are some of my house rules I’ve used. They are not all meant to be used at once. Feel free to mix and match them.

On the Board

  • Anytime you gain coins (after you roll/mini-game/etc), take a drink
  • Anytime you lose coins (after you roll/mini-game/etc), take a drink
  • Take a drink every time you go around the board.
  • Correspond the number you roll with an action. Typically we use the rules from Kings but feel free to make up your own and replace them how you see fit.
    • 1 is fun – Everyone takes a drink out of pity because of your terrible role
    • 2 is you – Give the person of your choosing a drink
    • 3 is me – You must drink
    • 4 is partner – Pick a partner, you two share a drink
    • 5 is guys – All of the guys drink
    • 6 is chicks – All the girls drink
    • 7 is heaven – Last person to raise their hands takes a drink
    • 8 is question master – You are the question master until the next 8 is rolled. Anytime you ask a question to a person, they must respond in a question. If they don’t then they must take a drink.
    • 9 is bust a rhyme – All of your sentences must rhyme until the next 9 is rolled. Drink when you mess up
    • 10 is voices – You must talk like your character until the next 10 is rolled. Drink when you mess up.

Boo Rules

  • If a player is using Boo to steal coins, they must be chugging the person who they’re stealing from’s drink while Boo is in the process of stealing coins. They may also chug their own drink if you do not want to switch drinks.
  • If a player is using Boo to steal a star, the person who is stealing must finish their drink. They may also finish their own drink if you do not want to switch drinks.

Star Rules

  • Finish your drink anytime you gain a star
  • Tell someone else to finish their drink when you gain a star

Mini-game Rules

  • Winner(s) take a drink
  • Loser(s) take a drink
  • If someone screwed you over call them out and if others agree, that person must take a drink.
  • If it’s a coin collection game, bet how many coins you’ll receive. Keep increasing the amount collected between players until someone says “Prove it!” Losers have to take a drink.
    Player1 : I bet I can collect 10 coins during this mini-game
    Player 2: I bet I can collect 15 coins during this mini-game
    Player 3: I bet i can collect 30 coins during this mini-game
    Players 1 and 2: Prove it!
  • In joystick only games, players must chug their drink as they are playing the game. They will continue to drink until they are eliminated or the mini game is over.

Do you have a favorite drinking game or rule while playing Mario Party? Have a game you have drinking rules to? I want to hear from you about it. Please leave a comment below.

Legal Disclaimer
All of the drinking games are to be played by people who are of legal age to drink. This blog does not encourage or take responsibility for any stupid behavior or results that may occur while playing these games. For more information please read the site’s disclaimer.

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