Metal Jesus YoutTube Title Screen
Drinking Games

Metal Jesus Drinking Games

Metal Jesus YoutTube Title Screen

Metal Jesus is a YouTube show featuring in depth retro video game buying guides, hidden gem guides, and pick up videos. Make sure you support Metal Jesus by joining the Metal Militia on Patreon.

Metal Jesus Drinking Game Rules

Since Metal Jesus mainly produces buying guides and video game lists, these rules are pretty simple.  All you have to do it drink when.

  • You hear “Big box PC games”
  • When you hear “And I’m Back Again…”
  • You hear “Hidden Gem”
  • You hear “Rare Games”
  • Metal Jesus touches his hands together

Know Your Video Game Prices

Whenever you’re watching a pick-ups video, hidden gems, or stupidly expensive video. Wait for them to show or announce the name of the game. Pause the video and everyone guesses what the price of the video game is. Closest one to the price shown on the screen is the winner. All of the losers take a drink

Do you have a favorite drinking game or rule while watching Metal Jesus? Have a YouTube series you have drinking rules to? I want to hear from you about it. Please leave a comment below.

Legal Disclaimer
All of the drinking games are to be played by people who are of legal age to drink. This blog does not encourage or take responsibility for any stupid behavior or results that may occur while playing these games. For more information please read the site’s disclaimer.

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