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    Drinking Games

    Metal Jesus Drinking Games

    Metal Jesus is a YouTube show featuring in depth retro video game buying guides, hidden gem guides, and pick up videos. Make sure you support Metal Jesus by joining the Metal Militia on Patreon. Metal Jesus Drinking Game Rules Since Metal Jesus mainly produces buying guides and video game lists, these rules are pretty simple.  All you have to do it drink when. You hear “Big box PC games” When you hear “And I’m Back Again…” You hear “Hidden Gem” You hear “Rare Games” Metal Jesus touches his hands together Know Your Video Game Prices Whenever you’re watching a pick-ups video, hidden gems, or stupidly expensive video. Wait for them…

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    Drinking Games

    Mario Party Drinking Games

    Mario Party is a great game to test your friendship. Might as well add booze to the equation. There are many different ways I’ve incorporated drinking into Mario Party over the years. Here are some of my house rules I’ve used. They are not all meant to be used at once. Feel free to mix and match them.

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    Drinking Games

    Rock Band / Guitar Hero Drinking Games

    I loved played rock band in college. It was definitely one of our go to games when I was hanging out friends. With all college experiences, alcohol was involved at some point. Here are some the rules we played with when playing Rock Band. Since you’re going to be playing instruments while drinking, everyone will need a straw for their drink. Like always, feel free to mix and match these rules for your next Rock Band night.