Gotta Drink Em All
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Pokemon Drinking Game Rules

As always, mix and match these drinking game rules as you see fit.

>Gotta Drink Em’ All (Responsibly)

  • Take a drink for every random encounter
  • Take a drink every time your Pokemon hurts itself in confusion
  • A Pokemon “faints.” Sure it did, just like your dog that went ot live on the farm up North. Take a drink for a fallen pal.
  • Take 1 drink for every Pokemon you heal at the PokeCenter
  • Take 2 drinks when a Pokemon escapes your PokeBall oon the last wiggle

Finish Your Drink When

  • Beat a gym leader and earn a badge. You deserve it!
  • You run out of one move. You should know better
  • Use a Repel or a Rope in a cave

Casually Drink

  • When you’re in the casino gambling because that’s just what you do in a casino

Do you have a favorite drinking game or rule while playing Pokemon? Have a game you have drinking rules to? I want to hear from you. Please leave a comment below.

Legal Disclaimer
All of the drinking games are to be played by people who are of legal age to drink. This blog does not encourage or take responsibility for any stupid behavior or results that may occur while playing these games. For more information please read the site’s disclaimer.

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