Retro Game Consultant

Retro Game Consultant Introduction

I want you to become a better video game collector.

Video game collecting will never be like it was 10, 15 years ago. Prices have skyrocketed on retro video games. Gone are the days you can walk into a Gamestop and pickup retro games for a reasonable price. Now you have to spend time hunting at flea markets, garage sales, and thrift stores hoping to find a deal. Fighting resellers who are just in the hobby to make a dollar.

Not all of it is negative, though. The way the entire video game scene evolved over the years is incredible. It’s become more legitimate with high stakes video game tournaments, Youtubers making shows that rival reality TV, and people talking about the games they love. The most important though is gamers donating millions of dollars to great charities like the Children’s Miracle network, EFF, and other social causes.

With that said, is it really necessary to spend hundreds of dollars for just one game? Quite Frankly, I say no it isn’t. And that’s what I want this series to be about. I want to look at certain games and explore why the cost so much. Are their better options out there to play these rare games? Most importantly I want to know if these games are worth their price tag by putting a dollar value on fun factor. After all the great thing about collecting video games is playing them.

I’ll be starting this series with some of the high priced games I have in my collection. These are games I picked up over 10 years ago when place like GameStop, Game Crazy, and Game eXchange offered great prices on retro games. Some of the games I’ll first look at in this series will be Panic Restaurant, Pocky and Rocky 1 & 2, and Snow Brothers.

Join me on this series so you can be a better collector. One that will pick up games based on how fun they are, not games that you’ll buy just so you can brag about them online.

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