Super Mario 64 cartridge close up
Drinking Games

Super Mario 64 Drinking Game Rules

Yaa-hoo! Rescue Princess Peach, save the mushroom kingdom, and kill a baby penguin all while cracking a few back with these drinking game rules.

Super Mario 64 Drinking Game Rules

  • Get a star, celebrate with a drink
  • Take 1 drink for every 8 red coin you collect
  • Take 1 drink for every 25 coins collected
  • Kill a stage boss, take 2 drinks
  • Drown, take 3 drinks
  • Drop the baby penguin off the cliff, finish your drink you monster
  • Throw Bowser in a bomb, take a drink
  • Get set on fire, take a drink
  • Fall of the side of the stage, take two
  • Drink twice for cheating in the slide race
  • You die

Do you have a favorite drinking game or rule while playing Super Mario 64? Have a game you have drinking rules to? I want to hear from you. Please leave a comment below.

Legal Disclaimer
All of the drinking games are to be played by people who are of legal age to drink. This blog does not encourage or take responsibility for any stupid behavior or results that may occur while playing these games. For more information please read the site’s disclaimer.

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