Super Smash Brothers cartridge close up
Drinking Games

Super Smash Brothers Drinking Game Rules

Final Destination, No items, Fox only. That’s fine if you want a serious game made for serious people. Play the game how you want to with these drinking game rules.

Super Smashed Brothers Drinking Game Rules

  • You die you drink, duh.
  • Add another drink if the stage kills you.
  • Add another one if you get hit so hard you trigger the star exit.
  • Use an assist trophy, take a drink.
  • Start chugging while you use the hammer, other people start chugging if the hammer is a dud.
  • Get caught in a smash ability.
  • Finish your drink if you demand both no items and final destination.

Do you have a favorite drinking game or rule while playing Super Smash Brothers? Have a game you have drinking rules to? I want to hear from you. Please leave a comment below.

Legal Disclaimer
All of the drinking games are to be played by people who are of legal age to drink. This blog does not encourage or take responsibility for any stupid behavior or results that may occur while playing these games. For more information please read the site’s disclaimer.

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