• Yakuza 0 Cinema
    Drinking Games

    Yakuza 0 Drinking Game Rules

    The Yakuza series is a love child between Grand Theft Auto and a Japanese beat-em-up. Add in quirky side missions and colorful characters and you just turned this average game into something memorable. Settle your problems with your fists with these drinking game rules.

  • Hotline Miami gameplay
    Drinking Games

    Hotline Miami Drinking Game Rules

    Ready for some ultra violence? Growing up in the 90s and big video game violence scare, I can tell you that this is pretty tame. Or maybe I’m just desensitized to pixelated blood and gore. It’s fine though because sprites aren’t people and I hope we all know the difference between right and wrong. So answer the call with one hand and a drink in the other.

  • Scary Famicom Games
    Collecting Guides and Tips

    How to Play Japanese Games Without Modding Your Console

    Modding consoles is a daunting task when you’re not familiar with soldering chips and wires on a console, but the benefit is playing all of those Japanese games that were never released here. The farthest I’ve gotten to modifying a system was installing a new pin board on my original Nintendo, but that was pulling one piece off and replacing it with another. In addition I grew up in Midwest which meant there wasn’t anywhere that modified systems either. Only options to a broke teenager were to either enjoy the video games that were released in the United States or purchase a very expensive import system online. After a lot…

  • Title Screen for Rock Band 3
    Drinking Games

    Rock Band / Guitar Hero Drinking Games

    I loved played rock band in college. It was definitely one of our go to games when I was hanging out friends. With all college experiences, alcohol was involved at some point. Here are some the rules we played with when playing Rock Band. Since you’re going to be playing instruments while drinking, everyone will need a straw for their drink. Like always, feel free to mix and match these rules for your next Rock Band night.