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    Best Super Nintendo Games Under $10

    F-Zero   Price: $9-10     Fast paced futuristic racing from this killer first party Nintendo title. Play as one of four racers across a lot of fast paced and challenging tracks. Showcasing Mode 7 graphics, it was definitely eye catching. It also hosts one of my favorite soundtracks on the Super Nintendo. I recommend Mute City, Big Blue, and Port City.     Bubsy   Price: $9-10     Bubsy is one of the embodiment of 90s attitude. Aliens have landed and stole all of the yarn so it’s up to Bubsy, the wisecracking cat to save the day. It’s a fun platformer that I recommend picking up, just…

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    How to Play Japanese Games Without Modding Your Console

    Modding consoles is a daunting task when you’re not familiar with soldering chips and wires on a console, but the benefit is playing all of those Japanese games that were never released here. The farthest I’ve gotten to modifying a system was installing a new pin board on my original Nintendo, but that was pulling one piece off and replacing it with another. In addition I grew up in Midwest which meant there wasn’t anywhere that modified systems either. Only options to a broke teenager were to either enjoy the video games that were released in the United States or purchase a very expensive import system online. After a lot…

  • Sega CDX Using HD Retrovision Cables
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    Getting the Best Picture Out of Your Retro Console on a Budget

    With HD Televisions taking over our living rooms, retro video games have been left behind. Bland colors, input lag, and a lack of scan lines plague those who are fans of playing retro video games. There are many great companies out there who are trying to preserve the aesthetics and gameplay but these options come at a price. Modding consoles, bulky Sony Trinitrons, and expensive add ons all to get the best possible picture out of outdated hardware. These options are great for the collectors who want to take the time and money to mod their consoles and there is plenty of documentation like from the YouTube Channel like My…

  • Analog Super NT Console
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    A Different Type of Analog Super NT Review

    If you’re into retro video games you have probably heard about the Analog Super NT. If not this is one of the hottest pieces of retro video game tech currently available in the marketplace. The selling point of the system is that you’re able to play Super Nintendo games in 1080p 60 frames a second with zero lag. This isn’t software emulation like the Retron 5 or other clone systems, but hardware based. There are a lot of other videos and blogs that break down the tech. Since I’m not technically suave like YouTubers or reviewers, this is a different type of review.