• Control gameplay
    Drinking Games

    Control Drinking Game Rules

    When you’re up against paranormal forces in a secret government agency you better have a drink in your hand. Stay in control with these drinking game rules. Take a drink when the following happens. You die (Double if an enemy explodes and kills you) Touch an object of power Cleanse a control point Spend an ability point Switch out your upgrades on your weapons or on yourself Former executive shows a vision Travel to the hotel Complete a mission. This includes side missions where you earn upgrades Speak to Ahti the janitor Grab a collectable

  • Hotline Miami gameplay
    Drinking Games

    Hotline Miami Drinking Game Rules

    Ready for some ultra violence? Growing up in the 90s and big video game violence scare, I can tell you that this is pretty tame. Or maybe I’m just desensitized to pixelated blood and gore. It’s fine though because sprites aren’t people and I hope we all know the difference between right and wrong. So answer the call with one hand and a drink in the other.

  • Gameplay of Bloodstained Against a Demon
    Drinking Games

    Bloodstained Drinking Game Rules

    A spiritual successor to Castlevania Symphony of the night, along with a Kickstarter campaign that a lot of people didn’t think would come out. Luckily the developers actually listened to fan feedback which propelled the game into a successful Kickstarter. So let’s raise a glass with these Bloodstained Drinking Game Rules.

  • Sega CDX Using HD Retrovision Cables
    Collecting Guides and Tips

    Getting the Best Picture Out of Your Retro Console on a Budget

    With HD Televisions taking over our living rooms, retro video games have been left behind. Bland colors, input lag, and a lack of scan lines plague those who are fans of playing retro video games. There are many great companies out there who are trying to preserve the aesthetics and gameplay but these options come at a price. Modding consoles, bulky Sony Trinitrons, and expensive add ons all to get the best possible picture out of outdated hardware. These options are great for the collectors who want to take the time and money to mod their consoles and there is plenty of documentation like from the YouTube Channel like My…